Dr Conrad Masureik

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ICD10 coding system
All procedures receive an ICD10 code which is an international diagnostic code ( i.e. diagnosis, cause)  and is a statutory requirement for submission to medical aids for payment

Treatment coding system  
Each surgical procedure also has a treatment code according to the list of treatments published by the Dental Association of South Africa and this list can be obtained from the association at www.sadanet.co.za

All payment will need to be settled on the day of surgery but it is very important that patients obtain written authorization from the medical aid regarding their treatment. This will insure that their hospital and theatre bill as well as their anesthetist accounts are being authorised. Failure to do so would mean that a cash payment or an upfront payment would need to be made to the hospital or day-clinic.

Medical aid authorisation and claim facilitation for treatment  
Our practice will supply you with a motivational letter and quote for the required procedures. If the patient has not been consulted by Doctor Masureik in the days prior to the surgery an authorisation must still be obtained using a motivational letter and x-rays from the referring dentist or doctor (these need to be sent via email to the medical aid) . This will make it possible to see the patient on the day of the surgery thus helping you avoid any unnecessary traveling. Our practice will assist you in this process.

Role of medical aid
The medical aid is an insurance that the patient has taken out to cover his/her medical expenses. The fees paid by a medical aid vary from medical aid to medical aid as there is no national price reference list. This is a government requirement given to us through the competitions board. Any shortfall between what your particular medical aid pays and our professional fees will be your responsibility.